Introducing Powify


A few days ago, I wrote Powify - a simple gem for managing 37 Signal's POW. POW is an easy-to-use local Rack server capable of running any rack application under a specified local domain (defaulting to .dev) [Disclaimer - POW is Mac-only]

As if POW wasn't easy enough, I wanted a nice command-line tool for managing my pow apps. For this reason, I wrote Powfiy. To get started, install Powify with the gem command:

gem install powify

Now you can install and manage your pow apps and the pow server easily!

For example, to install pow server:

powify server install

To list all your active pow apps:

powify server list

To make a pow app out of the current directory (with the same name as the current directory:

powify create

To see a list of all commands:

powify -h

Seth Vargo is a Developer Advocate at Google. Previously he worked at HashiCorp, Chef Software, CustomInk, and a few Pittsburgh-based startups. He is the author of Learning Chef and is passionate about reducing inequality in technology. When he is not writing, working on open source, teaching, or speaking at conferences, Seth enjoys spending time with his friends and advising non-profits.