Moving to Octopress

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Today, I spent a few hours and migrated my entire blog from tumblr to Octopress. I did this for a variety of reasons.

First, I want to start posting more tutorials. The tumblr UI doesn't provide an effective way to add code and code snippets, it doesn't support markdown, and I don't have a ton of control over the design.

Second, tumblr goes down... a lot. With 1000+ hits on my blog per day, 83% uptime is not acceptable.

Lastly, it was recently announced that work has restarted on the Jekyll project (the engine that Octopress runs on). I hope there are some amazing things coming down the pipeline.

There are still a few issues:

  1. Markdown isn't processed on category pages
  2. Google hasn't indexed, so search is bland :(
  3. Disqus isn't working (comments)


I've fixed the issues with markdown on the category pages, setup redirects from google, and migrated disqus comments. Welcome to my new blog :).

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