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RSpec Example Filtering for Multiple Version Testing


Authoring a client library for an upstream service is often challenging, but testing and preventing regressions against upstream API changes is sometimes impossible. This post discusses using RSpec example metadata filtering as a way to test against different ...

The Cleanroom Pattern in Ruby


I recently gave a talk at Philly.rb, the Ruby meetup in Philadelphia, PA entitled "The Cleanroom Pattern - More safely evaluating DSLs with Ruby". You can watch the full Cleanroom DSL video online, but I decided to also write the contents of the talk into a ...

Chef 12 drops support for Ruby 1.8


Chef has long supported Ruby 1.8.7 and REE, even beyond the announced EOL periods from the Ruby maintainers. The continued support for Ruby 1.8 has been a burden for cookbook developers who want to use the "new" Ruby 1.9 features, but must retain support for ...