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Chef 12 drops support for Ruby 1.8

Chef has long supported Ruby 1.8.7 and REE, even beyond the announced EOL periods from the Ruby maintainers. The continued support for Ruby 1.8 has been a burden for cookbook developers who want to use the "new" Ruby 1.9 features, but must retain support for Ru...

Prevent authentication timeouts during long Chef runs

If you have ever had a Chef Client run fail with a mysterious "Authentication Failed" error after a few minutes of execution, then this post is for you! Because of the way the Chef Client loads resources, it is possible for authentication headers to "timeout" i...

Chef Cookbook Badges

As you may have seen across the various repositories on GitHub, README badges are all the rage these days. Whether it is Travis CI, Code Climate, or GitTip, it seems like all developers ever do is badge!