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Berksfile Magic

The Berksfile is really one of the most magical compontents of Berkshelf - a cookbook dependency manager for Chef. As a core team member, I sometimes take for granted the extensibility of Berkshelf, so I decided to blog about some patterns!

Using Amazon Opsworks with Berkshelf

Amazon Opsworks supplies its users with a nice collection of starter cookbooks on GitHub. Berkshelf prefers users treat each cookbook as its own software project, but for Opsworks users, that is not an option. Let me demonstrate a few ways you can use Berkshelf...

Moving to Individual Cookbooks

If you've been working with Chef in your organization for awhile, you've probably accumulated a bunch of cookbooks in a giant repository. With great tools like Berkshelf out there, it's become customary to rely on external community cookbooks, git repositories,...